We make your health our Business


We have 50 years of service to the community of Northern Buffalo along with a professional and caring staff all here for you when you need us. We make your health our business...Where your needs are our first priority. Our goal is to provide solutions to the health concerns facing our patients and their families.


Buy your healthcare products here and not at a dollar store. The difference...our licensed health care providers are here to answer any of your questions. The PRICE....we have worked hard to match or beat dollar stores house brand pricing! Come in and check out these great new prices. As always, thank you for letting us be your local neighborhood pharmacy.

Introducing the Scrip Talk Station now at Black Rock Pharmacy

Buffalo First


We are proud to announce that we are now a member of Buffalo First. Buffalo First is a nonprofit whose mission is to foster a strong, self-determined local economy in Western New York through consumer education, advocacy and programs that further the impact of local and sustainable business in the region.

Black Rock Pharmacy Services

Professional pharmacy services are offered with state of the art technology to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones each and every day.

  • Lotto, Instant Lotto and Powerball!
  • ATM Machine
  • Western Union Bill Pay
  • Recycle Cellphones and Batteries
  • Mitsubishi Photo Kiosk
  • Copy Machine
  • Stamps
  • Money Orders
  • Flu Shots
  • Faxes

Informational Links

The web is a wonderful tool that has so much information at our fingertips if you choose to investigate it. Of all that there is to offer, here are a couple sites that we have found that are very informative and easy to navigate to.